"Building a Hub for Teamwork"

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Questions To Be Covered

  1. How has the nature of teamwork changed/evolved over the past decade?

  2. In your experience, what are the core components of a "hub for teamwork?"

  3. What are the principal tools and solutions that make up your own hub for teamwork, and why?

  4. What is the role of AI in building/extending your hub for teamwork?

  5. How do you define and measure success on your hub for teamwork?

  6. What are you doing to ensure adoption and engagement across your hub for teamwork?

  7. What can organizations do to accelerate their business transformation and better embrace the hub for teamwork strategy?

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CollabTalk TweetJam October 2019 on Building a Hub for Teamwork

Oct 30th 

9am Pacific

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Rules of Engagement

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